Glass Watermark Remover

Cleaning product for glass surface, to remove watermark

The only cleaning product you need for your glass surface! Perfectly tuned formula by infusing extreme fine powder to offer various types of cleaning results to the glass. It can be used to remove the stubborn watermarks, restore surface smoothness, strip off the unwanted coating, and provide a hydrophilic finishing which GlassGard needs. The cleaning work can be done either by hand or polishing machine.


Non-Acidic Based
Unlike any traditional cleaning product for glass in the market that has an acid-base, TEVO Watermark Remover is formulated by using water-based formula. Thus, it does not damage or enlarge the micro-pores of glass during the cleaning process. Stubborn watermark comes back even faster if you clean the glass by using acid-based products and accidentally damage the micropores in the cleaning process. Furthermore, the formula is safe to use by hand.
Stubborn Stain Killer
TEVO Watermark Remover can eliminate up to 90% of stubborn stain on the glass surface. It cleans the glass surface by penetrating the dirtied micropores, attach itself to the contaminated particles and remove all of them during the rinsing process.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Refrain from using Watermark Remover on car body although it has superb cleaning effect especially in removing the watermark. The powder will scratch the clear coat if anyone tries to use it on the car body.