G-Activ Metal Iron Remover

Distinctive and mild acidic formula from TEVO to decompose brake dust, iron particle rapidly and degrease oil on the metal surface. A DIY cleaner for car enthusiasts yet delivers the professional cleaning result, and keep the wheel clean.


Fast Action
Instant colour changing indicates the process of rapid decomposition of the accumulated contaminants. The formula reacts immediately upon contact with brake dust and iron particle and purple dots or spots can be seen on the surface once you spray G-Activ Iron Remover onto the wheel. The more contaminant it has, the darker the colour depth of purple will be shown.
Strong Cleaning Ability
Accumulated brake dust and iron particle could be difficult to remove by using normal shampoo and brush; with G-Activ Iron Remover, it “softens” and decomposes the stubborn brake dust and iron particle, as such, the contaminants can be rinsed away easily.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Users may opt for 1 minute of waiting time and use the buffing method of application to apply G-Activ AutoRevive. Secondly, TEVO Master Trainer highly advised car owners to prime the G-Glove or cloth prior to the application, this will prevent the dry glove or cloth absorb most of the sprayed solution away from the car body.