Body Scrub

Intensive cleaner for car body, to remove iron particle on lacquer

Mild acidic-based metal painted surface cleaner that works like clay bar or clay cloth. The finely tuned cleaning formula helps to decompose and remove the iron and dirt particles which are deeply adhered to the lacquer or clear coat. Best to use as part of surface preparation and before the application of BodyGard.


Iron Decomposition
A chemical reaction happens whenever BodyScrub is in touch with contaminated particles, the purple colour of spots indicates the process of iron particle decomposition is ongoing. The severity of contamination can be judged by the depth of purple colour.
Remove Unwanted Wax
The ability to strip off unwanted wax without damaging is second to none. Deep cleaning from BodyScrub achieves what a normal car shampoo could not. BodyScrub is a must deep cleaning agent prior to the application of coating.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Rinse the surface thoroughly by using water after cleaning the surface by using BodyScrub. It is advisable to perform the deep cleaning panel by panel and do not leave any residue on the clear coat.