Standing at the top of car detailing industry

Masterpiece of TEVO and formulated with only the highest standard of raw materials. The perfect formula provides maximum protection to car’s painted surface with ultra-thin glass coating. Contaminations are unable to adhere to the coated surface easily. The performance of BodyGard-S60 does not deteriorate and affect by weathering nor ultraviolet rays for up to 5 years, it offers extraordinary water repellence and superb gloss finishing.


High Chemical Resistance
BodyGard-S60 has the best chemical inert properties in TEVO professional coating series. The ability to withstand corrosion from acid, alkaline, and salt is incomparable in car detailing industry. With such a strong ability, the performance leads to a longer lifespan when the product is coated on surface. Additionally, the unique formulation offers top-notch level of protection to vehicle and preferred by professional car detailer in four seasons country.
Penetration & Bonding
The conception of the masterpiece is to penetrate upper layer and micro pores of clear coat to form the inseparable bonding between coating and clear coat. Its penetrative capability is in a class by oneself and the other reason why it lasts up to 5 years. The surface receives impeccable protection from BodyGard-S60 once the coating is cured.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Highly advisable to buff the glass coating in circular motion and wipe the coated surface gently to make sure the coating stays on top of painted surface. Secondly, car detailer needs to wait for at least 4 hours and let the top layer to cure before applying the next layer.